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"Our people make a better world." That is Otago Polytechnic's vision and that is what our researchers are doing.

Otago Polytechnic is carrying out research in a wide range of disciplines that is relevant for the communities we live in - locally, nationally and globally. Would you like to help us?

We welcome your active participation with our research community:

  • As a collaborator or colleague
  • As a postgraduate student
  • As a community partner for research
  • As someone who can apply and benefit from our research
  • As a funder or co-funder of research 

Let's be curious together. 

Prof Leoni Schmidt
Director: Research & Postgraduate Studies 




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Industry and community




We welcome approaches from industry and community organisations who are interested in working with us. Together we can make a bigger difference.


Work with our students

Industry and community organisations have a range of options for working with our students.

Work with our staff

Our academic staff are making the world a better place, applying their research to help solve challenges.


transformation = thinking critically = working constructively