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Aka Whaika Māori
Māori Strategic Framework

The Māori Strategic Framework was developed in consultation with Kā Papatipu Rūnaka. Created from a perspective based in Te Ao Māori, the framework draws upon the Professor Mason Drurie’s vision for Māori education:

  • To live as Māori: being able to have access to Te Ao Māori, the Māori world, which means having access to language, culture, cultural practice, marae, resources, iwi, hapū and whānau
  • To actively participate as citizens of the world:higher education should open doors to technology, to the economy, to the arts and sciences, to understanding others, and to making a contribution to the greater good
  • To enjoy good health and a high standard of living: educational achievement correlates directly with employment,income levels, standards of health and quality of life.

These core values cascade to and are given expression through six priority areas:




Priority One: Treaty of Waitangi

This priority area reflects an on-going commitment by Otago Polytechnic to its Treaty of Waitangi partner – Kai Tahu (through the MOU).

Priority Two: Kai Tahu/Māori Leadership and Staffing

This priority area reflects the contributing role of strong accountable leadership and increased representation of Kai Tahu/Māori staff across Otago Polytechnic, which contributes to whānau, hapū, iwi and Māori advancement, locally and nationally.

Priority Three: Kai Tahu/Māori Students

This priority area reflects the desire for increased recruitment, access, participation, retention, development and success of Kai Tahu/Māori students at Otago Polytechnic.

Priority Four: Kai Tahu/Māori Programmes

This priority area reflects the development of quality programmes in Te Ao Māori, Te Reo Māori and other robust Kaupapa Māori options.

Priority Five: Inclusive Learning Environments

This priority expresses the need for Otago Polytechnic to reflect Kai Tahu/Māori expectation of access to and acquisition of knowledge. This shall also include te reo me ōna tikaka Māori among staff and students on campus.

Priority Six: Research and Māori-Centred Knowledge Creation

This priority area reflects the development of quality research that contributes to the achievement of Kai Tahu/Māori development aspirations and expresses the expectation that Otago Polytechnic values Te Ao Māori.