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Our policies determine the protocols and procedures established by Otago Polytechnic.

Academic Policies

AP0100.02 Place of Academic Manual in Quality Management System

AP0101.11 Academic Board

AP0109 Permanent External Advisory Committees - Brochure

AP0109.05 Permanent External Advisory Committees

AP0115.02 Document Control

AP0118.01 Organisational Coding Structures

AP0119 Maori Collection Development (Robertson Library)

AP0200.04 Copyright

AP0206.04 Consistency of Academic Information

AP0209.00 Referencing Styles

AP0211.00 Programme Development

AP0403 Professorial Appointments

AP0501.10 Recognition of Prior Learning

AP0504.04 Application, Entry and Enrolment

AP0505.03 Prospectus

AP0509.02 Concurrent Enrolment

AP0516.02 Limited Full Time Status - access to Student Allowances

AP0517.04 Cancellation of Programmes, Courses and Course Occurrences

AP0520.07 English Language Requirements for Those for whom English is an Additional Language

AP0521.01 Programme Entry, Continuation and Exclusion

AP0600.06 Academic Appeal Process for Learners

AP0602.05 Student Discipline

AP0603.04 Resolution of Student Complaints

AP0604 Orientation and Induction for Learners

AP0605 Learner Support

AP0607.02 Cheating

AP0608 Learner Awards

AP0609.00 Drug and Alcohol Policy for Arboricuture Programme

AP0700.08 Surveys and Course Evaluations

AP0705.03 Supervision within Postgraduate Programmes

AP0707.05 Monitoring of Degree and Postgraduate Qualifications

AP0709.02 Overseas Travel in Approved Programmes

AP0710.06 International Student Attainment and Attendance

AP0711.05 Delivery of Programmes by External Contracts

AP0712.03 Course Material Footer

AP0800.02 Work Placements

AP0801.02 OSH for Students in the Workplace

AP0900.06 Assessment

AP0901.03 Students with Disabilities - Circumstances for Assessment

AP0903.06 Grade Tables

AP0904.02 Final Assessment Process in Postgraduate Programmes

AP0905.03 Presentation and Submission of Postgraduate Research Thesis or Dissertation

AP0907.01 Impaired Performance - Aegrotat

AP0908.01 Moderation of Assessment

AP0909.00 Conduct of Examinations

AP0910.00 Assessment Committee

AP0911.00 Honours, Distinction and Merit

AP1003.08 Graduation

AP1005.03 Results Process for Consultancy

AP1006.04 Award Certificates for Qualifications

AP1008.08 Learner Results

AP1010.04 Producing Results Notices and Academic Transcripts

AP1012.01 Graduation at Other Institutions

AP1102.04 Contestable Research Funding

AP1201.00 Self Assessment and Internal Evaluation

Guidelines for Academic Performance Measures

Management Policies

MP0101.01 Records Retention and Disposal

MP0105.02 Policies

MP0106.02 Disclosing Personal Information about Students and Staff

MP0107.00 Library Committee

MP0200.01 Capitalisation and Amortisation of Course Development Costs

MP0303.03 Authorities and Delegations from Chief Executive

MP0304.02 Specific Financial Authorities and Delegations

MP0305.05 Snow and Ice Response

MP0311.00 Use of Phone Policy

MP0313.01 Distribution, Cutting and Copying of Keys

MP0318 Requests for Official Information

MP0319 Flag Policy

MP0322 Campus Memorial and Commemorative Register

MP0343.01 Use and Security of Information Systems

MP0351 Withdrawal, Transfer, Cancellation and Refund

MP0352.03 Otago Polytechnic Purchasing and Credit Cards

MP0354 Learner Fees

MP0354a Learner Fees_SOP001_Definitions and Schedules

MP0354b Learner Fees_SOP002_Form-Learner Discount Request Form

MP0355 CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) at Otago Polytechnic Sites

MP0357 Cancellations, Withdrawals, and Transfers for International Students at Auckland International Campus

MP0358.00 Employment of Dependent Children of Staff

MP0359 Staff Functions

MP0360.00 Fairtrade

MP0361 Management of Non-personnel Contracts

MP0362 Asset Management_Operational - Acquisition and Disposal

MP0362a Asset Management_SOP001

MP0400.06 Occupational Health and Safety - Commitments and Responsibilities

MP0402.05 Health and Safety Induction and Training

MP0403.04 Hazard Management

MP0404.03 Accident, Incident and Occupational Illness Reporting

MP0405.03 First Aid

MP0407.03 Computer Health and Safety

MP0408.03 Protective Clothing and Equipment

MP0409.04 Vision Safety

MP0410.04 Employee Workplace Injury, Illness, Rehabilitation

MP0411.03 After Hours Safety, Security and Building Access

MP0412.07 Smokefree/Auahi Kore Policy

MP0414.03 Contractor Health and Safety

MP0417.04 Driving and Vehicle Safety

MP0418.03 Staff with Disability

MP0419.02 Dogs on Campus

MP0421.02 Occupational Health Monitoring

MP0430.01 Employment Delegations

MP0431.04 Recruitment and Appointment of Staff

MP0433.02 Monitoring and Review of Employees on Probation

MP0434.01 Allied General Staff Grading, Salary Review and Promotion

MP0435.03 Relocation Expenses for New Employees

MP0436.02 Key Skills Allowance

MP0437.01 Establishment of Starting Salaries for Academic Staff

MP0438.03 Four for Five Employment Options

MP0439.01 Flexible Working Arrangements

MP0443.02 Surplus Staffing

MP0444.01 Resolving Performance Problems

MP0445.03a Harassment and Bullying Prevention and Management

MP0446.06 Travel on Otago Polytechnic Business

MP0447.01 Retention of Employee Information

MP0450.03 Enabling Offsite Work

MP0454 Discount on internal programmes/courses

MP0455.02 Staff Identification Cards

MP0456.02a Stress Prevention and Management

MP0460.03 Performance Review

MP0461.06 Staff Development

MP0462.01 Workload

MP0464 Staff Excellence Awards

MP0465 Student Council Staff Awards

MP0480.03 Salary Review and Promotions Committee Terms of Reference

MP0484.00 Leave Management (includes Parental Leave)

MP0485.00 Donating Sick Leave

MP0486 Team Rewards

MP0487 Critical Incident and Emergency Management

MP0487a_CIM_SOP001_Contact lists

MP0487b_CIM_SOP002_Emergency Communications Plan

MP0487c_CIM_SOP003_Response Plan for Learners

MP0607 Medical and Travel Insurance for International Learners

MP0608 Homestay Accommodation for International Students

MP1100.03 Intellectual Property

MP1101.01 Research and Study Release

MP1102.04 Performance Based Research Funding PBRF Decisions

MP1103 Intellectual Property - Mātauranga Māori

MP1104.04 External Income for Research Activity

Council Policies

Council - Code of Conduct, April 2011

Council - Manual of Committee Structures and Delegations_June 2016

Council - Standing Orders, September 2003

CP0003 Management Reporting of Contracts to Council

CP0005.07 Delegations from Council to the Chief Executive

CP0006 Council Honours Awards

CP0007 Legislative Compliance

CP0008.03 Sensitive Expenditure

CP0009.03 Protected Disclosure of Serious Wrongdoing (Whistleblowing)

CP0010 Fraud Prevention and Response

CP0010a Fraud Prevention and Response SOP001 Fraud Control Plan

CP0011.05 Treasury Management

CP0012.05 Conflict of Interest

CP0013.02 Procurement and Purchasing Policy

CP0014 Internal Audit

CP0015 Risk Management